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Investment Management

Asset allocation is a fundamental component of portfolio returns and we spend considerable time reviewing opportunities and risks across all asset classes including shares, commercial property, infrastructure, income securities and cash.  

We adopt a dynamic approach to investment management and look to adjust portfolios where appropriate to take into consideration risk profiles and objectives of our clients alongside our broader view of investment markets and economic conditions.

Our primary objective is to steadily build wealth over time by prioritising high quality investments that generate strong cash flow and have a proven track record. We also prefer investments that have limited downside risk over those with potential for significant gains to encourage certainty around financial planning. Recommended portfolios utilise a combination of securities listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and unlisted investments to provide appropriate diversification, liquidity and exposure across all asset classes.

Financial Planning

We assist people from all walks of life with developing tailored financial plans and spend considerable time speaking with our clients prior to formulating strategies to ensure we have a full understanding of their specific financial arrangements and life ambitions. 

Our advice varies depending on client circumstances but will typically focus on building wealth through tax effective strategies with a long term goal of self funded retirement.  Recommendations in this area generally include superannuation, asset structuring, debt management, insurance and Centrelink strategies while also taking into consideration ongoing cash flow and capital requirements.

We are also able to discuss estate planning and aged care issues and where appropriate engage our network of qualified specialists to provide advice in these areas.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Superannuation is by far the most tax effective structure to grow wealth and for this reason many of our clients have established an SMSF to maintain their retirement benefits.  This type of account can have up to six members who as trustees are responsible for ongoing management of the fund.

An SMSF can have significant benefits over other types of superannuation accounts such as the ability to invest in any type of assets allowed under superannuation rules, tailored investment strategies to meet the particular objectives of fund members, total control over how the fund is managed and scalability of fixed fees which can result in reduced costs for those with larger superannuation balances.

Our qualified advisers have particular expertise in this area and can assist with determining suitability, ongoing investment management and strategy areas such as contributions, pensions and cash flow.

Portfolio Administration and Reporting

Our state of the art portfolio administration service makes investing easier by collecting and recording all investment information as well as providing daily valuations and comprehensive performance reports to assist with monitoring portfolios.  This gives our clients complete transparency over their financial position and allows them to focus on investment decisions rather than cumbersome paperwork.

We also provide an annual tax statement detailing various incomes from investment holdings which can be provided to accountants to assist with completing tax returns.

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